bhoomi keralam -bhoomi keralam projet for the resurvey of kerala land


The resurvey done by the state government in 1966 , has created a multitude of problems in the preparations and usage of land records due to changes  in policies , technology and methods followed. In 1604 villages only 41  % are resurveyed and records handed over to the revenue administration. Re survey of about 30% villages are in different stages. 28 % per cent are remaining un surveyed . It may take decades to complete the resurvey if we follow the old mechanism. Hence the government decided bhoomi keralam project to complete the resurvey of entire state , with in the duration of 3 years. Sophisticated equipments such as aerial photo grammetry and modern technology like gps and efficient workers  will be utilized in this project . completion of survey of forest in 12 districtsof the kerala state to allot land to the tribal peoples under the scheduled category. Establishing ground control points throughout the kerala developing software required for the preparation of fresh resurvey and there by updating the survey records. For pilot project work the villages of malappuram , and kasargod districts are selected. Bhoomi keralm projects envisaged the resurvey of entire kerala state.