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The chittoor district is famous for ancient temples , pilgrim centres.  Millions of devotees are visiting , the famous Venkateswara temple every year.  The kalahasthi siva temple is also an ancient one.  A group of temples here known by the name Panchaboothakshethra . most of the temples in Chittoor district reflects vijayanagar architecture.  Another attraction in chittoor district is Chandragiri fort.

The picnic spots such as kalayani dam, Horsley hills, ramagiri , chandragiri  etc are also attracting tourists.

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It is about 32 km away from madanapalle and 17 km away from  Horsley hills , in chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.  This is a beautiful hill having a fort at the top, it offers a wonderful view of  low lying areas.


Sompalle is located 37 km away from Horsley hills and about 50 km away from madanapallle. An ancient temple here is a  famous pilgrim spot.  The temple reflects vijayangar architecture .


It is northern region of chittoor. The place is famous for temples.  The temples here reflects chola architecture.


The famous T B sanatorium is located here.



Kalyani dam

Kalyani dam is located 18 km away from thirupathi.  This dam  provides drinking water to thirupathi town.


It is about 43 km away from Thiruapathi town.  This place is a part of Nagiri hills. Here you can see green mountains, beautiful waterfalls etc.  The water here have medicinal values .  This is a rapidly growing tourism point .


The educational and cultural centre of  chittoor district is located in Madanapalle.  Here you can experience a sublime climate through out the year.

Rishi Valley school

It is about 16 km away from Madanapalle .  The  school belongs to American management .



Horsley hills located in chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh in Inida.  After visiting Thirupathi, the tourists looking for a cool place to  escape from hot sun.  Thus they will reach Horsley hills and it is about 150 km away from Thirupathi . it is a part of eastern ghats .  The wonderful hills is about 1265 m above the sea level. The hills and it’s surroundings are calm and quite .the big trees such as teak, sandal wood ,  gulmohar, eucalyptus etc are spread over the landscape.  The temperature here is 18 degree C lower than that of plains below.  The evenings are so beautiful with the music of  wind .

Another attraction here is  Horsley Bungalow , it is believed that , the bungalow is more than hundred years old.

How to Reach Horsley hills ?

The nearest railway station is at Madanapalle , about 40 km away.  It is well connected to Bangalore via roads . The nearest airport is located at Thirupathi .

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Narayanavanam is a pilgrimage in chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.  It is about 43 km away from the Thrirupathi city.  The temple here is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara, a variation of lord Vishnu.


It is located about 65 km from the Thirupathi.  The temple here is dedicated to lord Vedanarayana. , a variation of lord Vishnu. It was built by Krishna Devaraya . the temple reflects excellent architecture. The peculiarity of this temple is that, the sun rays are directly fall on the holy feet. The famous ritual here is surya pooja.

Kapila Theertham

It is about 2 km away from Alipiri. From here the steps to Thirumala temple begins. The temple here is dedicated to lord siva.