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Warangal is a beautiful district in Andhra Pradesh .  the district have beautiful temples, monuments, forts etc. The monuments here have high historic value.  Most of the forts and monuments  were built in Chalukya architecture.  The famous Warangal fort built by kakatiya ruler.  Another attraction is thousand pillar temple. Badrakali temple and Ramappa temple etc are very much famous among pilgrims.

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Vemulawada is a famous pilgrimage in warangal district of Andhra Pradesh. The ancient temple here is dedicated to Lord  Raja Rajeswara , a form of lord siva.  The temple is located about 35 km away from karimngar.  A sacred lake namely ‘dharama gundam’ is associated with this temple, the devotees believed that the lake have ability to cure diseases. The annual festival here is Maha sivarathri .

Kolanupaka site museum

Kolanupaka museum have more than 100 ancient images.  These images will give information about  chalukyan rulers.

Someswara temple

The temple is located at kolanupaka . It was built by somswara 111.

Jain temple

It is also located in kolanupaka  . the temple have images of Thirthankaras.  This is an ancient temple dedicated to saint mahaveera.


This place have very much historic importance. The legends says that it was religious centre of jains . the battle between chola and chalukya take place here.

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Badhrakali temple

The temple is in between warangal city and Hanamkonda .  the temple dedicated to goddess badrakali, godess of bravery . The ancient temple built in chalukyan architecture.

Thousand pillar temple

This is a star shaped temple with three shrines. The temple is dedicated to lord Vishnu, lord siva and lord surya.  As the name indicate the temple have thousand  pillar, that are beautifully carved . The temple is made attractive by means of sculpturing.  It was built in Chalukya architecture.  The legends says that it was built in 1163 by Rudra deva .

Ramappa temple

The presiding deity of the temple is lord siva.  The temple is about 70 km away from warangal city . This ancient temple was built in 1213 AD.  The inscriptions in the temple said that it was constructed by Rudra swami.



Warangal fort is a huge fort located in warangal district of Andhra Pradesh. This fort was built by  Ganapathi Deva , a Kakatiya ruler . it is believed that , the fort constructed in 13 th century .  it have two walls , the inner wall is made up of stones and the outer made by mud . In order to provide extra security , the fort is surrounded by a moat.  The exquisite carvings and excellent sculptures are attracting thousands of tourists.