Bihar is located in the eastern side of India. The river Ganga divides Bihar into two parts .It lies in between west Bengal and uttar Pradesh . The northern part of Bihar is a flat alluvial region, and it is frequently affected by floods. “Sorrow of Bihar” , Kosi river causing floods in this area.

Bihar Climate

Bihar experiences Indian subcontinent’s climatic pattern. The northern part of Bihar occupied by Himalayan mountains and  it affect the monsoon rain fall. Annual rainfall is about 1200 mm. The winter season is in between December and February.

Bihar forests , mainly covered with grass , scrub and reeds . The forest type belongs to deciduous forest .Animal life includes tigers, elephants, nilgai, munjtac, sambar , gaur, and Indian wolf etc.

Bihar Tourism

Major tourist spots: Bodh Gaya , Vaishali, Nalanda , Rajgir, Lauria, Pawapuri , Vikramshila, Nandangarh etc

Museums : Nalanda Archeological museum, Jalan museum, Patana Museum

Airports : Gaya, Patana