Chattisgarh is divided into 3 agro climatic regions. The Bastar plateau , Northern hills and Chhattisgarh plains. Satpura mountain range is located at the northern part of the state.


Generally experiences sub humid climate . Annual rainfall is about 1400 mm. Summer season is hot and winter season is cold.

Forest type in Chhattisgarh includes tropical moist deciduous forest and tropical dry deciduous forest . Major tree species includes sal and teak.

Animal species includes wild buffalo, tiger , gaur, sambar , chital . wild boar, nilgai, and leopard etc.


The state is very much famous for its dance forms, art forms, and handicrafts.  Dance forms includes Ravat Nacha , suga dance , saila  and karma .


Major tourist attractions : Chitrakot waterfalls , kutumsar caves, Tirathgarh falls, kailash gufa , danteshwari temple , mallhar , deoranijenthani temple, Maitry Bagh, Gavar Ghat water falls, Radha Krishna temple,  etc.


Bilaspur , Raipur