The most important geographical feature of the Gujarat is Ran of Kutch. .  it is a vast salt marsh covering an area of 18000 sq km.


The climate changes from humid to very hot . Humid climate can be experienced in coastal areas , very hot climate in areas likes kutch . The climate touches the extreme, means extremely hot during summers and extremely cold during winters.  The state experiences winter season from November to February , March to May summer and June to September south west monsoon

About 10% of the Gujarat is covered with forests. The vegetation includes dry deciduous forests , grasslands, moist deciduous forests , marine ecosystems and wetlands.

Animal life includes some rare species , Asiatic lion found in Gir forest , wild ass found in Ran of kutch.


The state is famous for it’s “ Gabra” dance . it is a dance form associated with Navarathri.


Ethnology museum, Calico textile museum, Vadodra museum, Kachchh museum, Picture gallery , Madansinhji museum  etc.


Major tourist spots: Palitana temple, Mandavi beach, Hatheesing temple, Somanath temple, Akshardham temple, Saputara hill station. Bala sinor , Lothal , Sasan Gir, Modhera sun temple etc..