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big raichur unit

big raichur unit

Raichur is situated aobut 410 km from Bangalore. The city of raichur is a repository of age old relics and artifacts. Number of monuments are the fort built in 1290, the mosques and tombs. It covers an area of 5550 sq km . and has a population of 1351800.


It is early known as kopana, it was the capital of ancient Shilaharas rulers. This place has magnificent citadel. It is a holy place of jains. An ancient siva temple is located at Pallgundu.


This is one of the gold mines in India. It is about 20 km form Lingasugar.


It is about 40 km form Gadag,her you can see ancient temple , with chalukyans architecture. It was constructed by Mahadeva Dhandanayka. Sarswathi mutt residence is another important monument here.Navalinga is a famous temple dedicated to lord siva at Kukanur.


It is about 2 km from raichur railway station , constructed by Kakatiya rulers in 1294. the major attraction is a stone slab measures about 40 ft in length .


It was built during the days of Mohammed Shah Bhamini. It is the largest mosque at this place.



Gulbarga is the head quarters of the district which covers an area of 16220 sq km with a population of 2583100. it is about 60 km from Bangalore. It is early known as Lallubarige which was the ancient capital of the Bahmini Sultans. There are quite a few things to attract the tourists. The fort, Chya Bhagavti temple , mosques and Gulshan garden etc. Archeological museum is worth a visit.


This beautiful temple situated on the banks oth holy rever Krishna i. it is dedicated to goddess Chaya Bhagavathi the secont constrt of sun god.


It is in Afzalpur taluk about 650 km form Bangalore. This place is famous in the name of Saint Sri Narasimha Saraswathi who miraculously cures the Bhamini Sultan of an incurable serous boil. This sacred place is always busy with devotes from all over the world.


This huge fort was built by Raja gulchand. It spreads an area of 37000 sq ft. the huge Jami mosque inside this fort. This mosque is constructed in the model of .cardova mosque in spain. It reflect Moorish style .there are about 75 domes inside it .several conference hall can be seen in the fort.


bijapur map

bijapur map

Bijapur district covers an area of 10470 sq. km and have a population of 15 33440.there are places of tourists interests. The Basaveswara at Basavawasdi is an example of excellent chalukyan architecture.Badmi is another important monument here.

The city of victory is what vijyapur early name of bijapur . it is about 570 km from Bangalore. It is noted as one oth centres of indo –saracenic art suffused with extravagant architecture. The city consists of some exiting elements such as the beautiful lakes and the wonderful gardens. The city nicknamed as ‘queen of decan’. Number of monuments of indo-saracenic architecture.


It is near to bijapur district. It is one of the biggest dome in India. The ‘Whispering Gallery’ is the most important attraction .here you can see a mosque, quarters for servants and a dharmasala.


Facing the grand gol gumbaz , nagrkhana ha an archeological museum which houses some fascinating artifacts.


This beautiful holy structure of 10800 sq m built by adil shah .this mosque have an accommodation facility upto 2500 devotees in its various blocks.


This masjid is constructed for a war memorial of khan mohammed the general of the Asilshahi ruler. Women are not allowed inside the masjid.


Ibrahim Adil Shah who ruled from 1580 to 1625 and his relatives are laid to rest here. you can see beautiful gardens and tall minarets .number of stone paintings and stone work can also seen.Ibrahim Rouza lies on the western part of the town.

gol gumbaz bijapur

gol gumbaz bijapur


badmi city

badmi city


This place is about 113 km from bijapur. This beautiful place is marked by a number of  sacred and historic monuments. Badmi was the capital of Chalukyans in their days. Some important monuments are constructed by them. It is about 500 km from Banglaore.


It is at the heart of the bijapur city.the vivacious frescoes depicting figurine of men and women with wonderful  blossoms and leaves are gradually losing lusture .


Here you can see a beautiful ‘Durbar hall’ in this city fort was built by Adil Shah in 1560. the fort has seven huge gates and a separate enclosure for royal women called the Ananda Mahal. A tall watch tower are also seen. A lake palace known as the Jala Manjil is situated in front of the fort.


This ground on which stands a big huge cannon with the massive dimensions , is situated besides Asar –I- Sharif.a seething lion’s head forms the mouth of the long barrel of this cannon which was made out of and alloy of iron and copper. This weapon is bring from bijapur , about 10 elephants , 300 bulls and 200 men were used in transporting this 50 tone weapon.


This is an observation tower built by Haridar Khan . a panorama of the townscape and its surrounding can be had from the top of the tower to which there are about 70 steps.


This is the birth place of saint Basaeswara . it is about 40 km form Bijapur. Samadis is another important monument.




The cave temple carved out of mammoth rocks, these caves reflecting real natural beauty. Beautiful sculpturing are also seen . the last but certainly not the least of the caves is a jain shrine contemporary to the 5 th century Ajantha caves . the sculpture here is a replica of those at Ajanta. The rock cut stairs leading to the cave temples is about 1 km from Badmi .


This hold several interesting archeological specimens and it is situated on the north of tank ‘Agasthya theertham’.


This citades houses tipu’s cannon. It is near to cave temple.


It is about 30 km from Bijapur This is a historic place situated on the banks of the river Malaprabha . pattadakal abound  in ancient temples . about 10 temples are also seen . all the temples have carvings. These temple reflects architecture and sculpture of Chalukyans. The ancient Virupaksh temple is built by drvidian architecture. The mallikarjuna temple built by queen Trailokya Mahadevi. The sangameswar temple is the most ancient of the group of temples here.


This is a sacred place surrounded by temples. About 120 temples are crowded here. Here you can see wonderful rock cut caves . Aihole is at an altitude of 590 m .