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One hears of it before he sets foot on its land and once he does its just like  a midsummer night’s dream coming true. And hence begins his love affair with ‘KERALA’.

To many people , kerela is known as God’s won country owing to its remarkable landscape and breath taking beauty. Some of them  call it as  “THE LAND OF SPICES”.Kerela has a distinguishable culture of itself that in its own right is enthralling . kerala ranks one of the top in the list of tourism . The culture of “THEYYAMS. DANCING DEITY , TEMPLE FESTIVALS, SABARIMALA PILGRIMAGE, KALARI(martial art),KATHAKALI”, sessions at temples are one of their kind kerala about its food ,boasts of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods,. Each region in kerala have their own pecularities  which is the most important factor in attracting tourists.



Ayurveda in kerala

Ayurveda is an art of living and it is very close to nature, which is very useful to human life. The objectives of ayurveda is the preservation of human health , and protect the human body from various infections. origin of ayurveda  in India about 10000 years back. It is believed that ayurveda is one of the ancient science , that used to cure various diseases. Ayurveda developed numerous therapeutic measures to combat illness. Ayurveda includes the following treatments types.


For this warm oil is used. This treatment also take 45 minutes . it is very useful for the treatment of various pains in the body..


Medicinal plants leaves and herbal powders are used for this treatment .  The treatment is for speech disorders, bell’s palsy etc.


Medicated oils , herbal juices from medicinal plants are applied through nose. This treatment is very useful  for curing headache.


It is a type of oil massage , it take 45 minutes , continusly massage body for 14 days. This is very effective in the treatment of obesity, diabetic etc.

Dhanyamala dhara

In this dhara , body is massaged with warm oil. This  is done  for the treatment of himpligia, paralysis, rheumatic diseases etc



Capital: trivandrom

Area    : 38860sq km


Tourist season : October to march

CLIMATE in kerala: Kerela has a tropical climate. The summer season  February to may .The monsoon season  june to september .the winter starts at  October and it continues up to January.

KERALA CULTURE: “KATHAKALI” a dance form in kerela. Other famous dance in kerala is  mohiniattam. There are also more than 60 well known folk dances in kerala. The most popular among them are kolam thullal. Kolkali, Poorakali ,velakali, kamapadavukali, klaiayattam , mudiettu . thappukali, kuravarkali and thiruvathirakali, arjuna nritham,thullal and theyyam.

FESTIVALS in kerela: important festivals of the state are vishu, thiruvathira, sivarathri, Christmas ,easter, idul fitr, a muharram, onam, navarathri, ,

Kerela is known as the land of spices, letters, culture and hospitality .It is one of the beautiful place that  you will ever see. kerala has got a lot of unique reasons to be called “GODS OWN COUNTRY”. A pleasant climate , sun kissed beaches , backwater’s ,hill stations , exotic wild life, breathy water falls, ayurvedic health holidays , medical festivals etc. tourists come to see kerela’s wild life sanctuaries historic cities and temple.



Kerela is one of the southern states in India . kerela is located in the shores of Arabian sea. Kerela is endowed with different types of landscapes and natural resources. Some of them are western ghats, rivers, lagoons etc. another major attraction in kerela is coconut palms. Number of temples , churches, mosques etc are seen all over kerela. The synagogues here is the remains of ancient jewish settlements. Some of the art forms seen in kerela are kathakali, kudiyattam, thiruvathiara kali, ottam thullal etc.the kerela state is longer than its wide. The kanataka district is in the north ,tamil nadu in the north east and south. South india’s mountain peak namely anamali peak is seen idukki district of kerela. Kerela is the smallest south Indian state . it compraises of 1.3 percent of the total land area of India. The state capital of kerela is thiruvanthapuram . the main languages here are Malayalam and English. The major port is kochi and airport is at thiruvanthapuram, kochi, karipoor. Kerela covers an area of 38863 sq km.