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Indian ports

India have twelve major ports and 184 minor ports. Some of them are more than 100 years old , which includes  Chennai, Mumbai ,Kolkata.  The ports in kochi and vishakhapatanam are only 60 years old.  The twelve major ports handle the almost 75 % of the port traffic . The major ports includes kolkata port trust, haldia dock complex , paradip port trust, Chennai port trust, vishakhapatanam port trust, cochin port trust, tuticorin port trust, new mangalore port trust, Mumbai port trust, mormugao port trust, Jawaharlal port trust, ennore port trust, kandla port trust etc

Indian Roads

India have second rank among the largest road network countries. The roads includes national highways , state highways, district roads, village roads and others . National highways carrying  more than 40% of the total traffic .

Indian Railways

The first train service in India is in between Bombay and Thane  on 1853.  Now India has the largest rail network in Asia.

Indian Airlines

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Club mahindra is a group of resorts , covered all  major cities in India.  These resorts offers excellent facilities and good quality of service.

Club mahindra resorts in south India

Ooty – Derby Green Resort ,  Munnar – Lake view Resort , Kollam Ashtamudi – backwater Retreat ,  Madikeri – Kodagu Valley ,  Thekkady – Tusker Trails

Club mahindra resorts in North  India

Goa – Varca beach , Manali – Snowpeaks resort ,  Corbett – Nature Trail Resort , Mashobra – whispering pines , Binsar – Binsar valley resort , Dharmasala – Kangra valley resort , Naukuchiatal – Dancing waters



Here we are describing some tips to plan a good tour program.  First up all select your destination . the selection of destination always satisfy your monetary capacity and time . Before fixing a destination ,make a discussion with your tour partners . consider the convenience of  other to.  After fixing your destination , choose  the mode of transport.  To get the idea of  correct scheduling consult your travel agency .  Before beginning the tour program ensure that you have adequate amount of money , document , dresses , medicines and foods.  Packing of luggage makes small as much as possible to avoid inconvenience  , that may happens during journey.  Carry your bank ATM and credit cards with you .  Select a suitable place for accommodation . Reserve rooms as early as possible . Make a rough estimate of tour program and spend money according to the estimate.  Depends authorized guides for sightseeing.  While enjoying the tour , always make sure that your are safe.



India is a beautiful land with diversities , it is entirely different from other countries . Each state in India has it’s own culture . Here we put some guidelines , to avoid unwanted troubles that may happens in your journey.

Water : some regions in India have scarcity of  drinking water . it is better that always carry a bottle of drinking water with you. Not take drinking water from public taps or pounds.  If you need a cool drink always buy it from a hygienic restaurant.

Clothes  and Accessories : Because of huge geographical area  the climatic zone  varies from place to place. Generally speaking , include cotton clothes , mosquito repellant , sun block lotion,  moisturizing  cream with you.  When you are in a public place , make sure that your dressing is decent to avoid unwanted attention.

Nudity is a punishable offence and it is strictly prohibited in all the beaches.

India is an orthodox country , so avoid hugging , kissing etc in a public place.

Transportation : Can use buses and trains for your journey , auto – rickshaws are best suits for city travel.  If you are decide to travel in an auto rickshaw , first up all ask the rates , to avoid future problems.  For a long distance travel trains are idle, reserve your ticket in advance.  Always carry toilet paper  when  you are taking a long journey.  Main railway stations, Bus stations, Airport offers the facility of prepaid taxi service, adopt this to avoid bargaining and squabbling with the driver.

Smoking in public place is a punishable offence and it will results in fine. So avoid smoking in public place.

Money Exchange :  Always consult the authorized dealer or bank to exchange your currency , otherwise you may cheated .

Carrying or using drugs seriously punishable offence in India.

Always carry your medical prescriptions with you and make sure that you are taken all the vaccinations and precautions before enter into the country.



South Tour

Although India is one nation , geographically it divides into south India and North India. The south India comprises states of Tamilnadu,Karnataka, kerala,Andrapradesh. The history says that the south India had trade contacts with Egypt, Rome, and Asia. Southern regions are under the control of various rulers in different time. They are cholas, pandyas, chalukyas, cheras, and pallavas. During 550AD south India was under the control of chalukaya’s. after this chola’s are come, pallavas were superseded cholas . the vijayanagara epire ruled during 16 th centuries maintained cordial relations with the Portuguese .

South India spices

South Indin foods have a special ingredients such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger , garlic, coriander , turmeric etc. the story of south Indian food have a 7000 years past .now a days south Indian food is very much popular. Each states in south India have a traditions type of foods .these foods are differed in flavor and taste.

The main silk weaving India take place in southern parts. The sates such as Karnataka, andharapradesh , tamilnadu are very famous for silkindustry. The silk saree produced in tamilnadu known by name kanhcipuram silk is popular among all over the world