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kanayakumari is surrounded by beautiful hills and it have picturesque sea shores. so many coconut trees and paddy fields are seen here. kanniyakumari has an area of 1672 sq km. it covers the 1.29 % of tamil nadu. kanniyakumari have first rank in literacy when compared to other tamilnadu districts.

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kanyakumari 7Kanniayakaumari is at the boarder of kerala and tamil nadu in southern India . The place is famous for viewing sun set and sun rise. During sunset you can see  the sun going into the depth of sea .while  during sun rise sun come out from the depth of the sea. To see the interesting  and  wonderful scenery thousands of peoples are arrives during evening and morning .

Kanniyakumari has a pleasant climate at all time, so you can visit at any time. The best season for visiting is otober and march.


The main touirst attractions are kanniyakumari temple, Vivekananda rock memorial , Gandhi memorial. Vattakottai , The udayagiri fort. Nagaraja temple , Padamanabhpuram palace,KANNIY