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kurusadai islands have endanged marine species. it is a favorite place for aquatic researches and marrine specilists. this islands is also famous for coral reefs.kurusumali islands is a famous tourist spot. the main attractions here is dolphins and sea cows. the unique feature of this islands is that availability of living fossle namely balanoglossus organisms. another asset in this island is sea anemone. kurusadai islands have number of aquatic species such as statfish, algae, sponges ,crabs and sea cucumbers etc. for the well being of tourist , so many hotels and guest houses are functioning here. this island is located 20 km away from rameswaram.



rameswaram is a sacred place in india, famous in the name of siva shrines, the temple here is dedicated to sri ramanathaswamy. according to hindu believes pilgrimage to kasi completed in rameswram. it is also known as benaras of south.rameswaram is treated among the most sacred pilgrims in india. rameswaram is described in great epic ramayana.

rameswaram in one look

area : 51 sq km

population: 27920(census in 1991)

altitude: 2.74 m

summer: 48 degree C

winter : 28 degree C

rainfall : 50 cms

languages: tamil, hindi, english


thai amavasi (January)

mahalaya amavasi(September)

masi siva rathri(February)


air and rail

nearest airport : madurai

nearest rail : chennai, madurai, coimbatore, trichi


rameswaram temple -a famous pilgrimage in tamilnadu

rameswaram temple -a famous pilgrimage in tamilnadu

Rameswaram is best known for Rama’s temple , which is an important pilgrimage center for Hindus.

Rameswaram is also known as “Benaras of the south”. In  Hindu mythology by visiting rameswaram we can attain Moksha(a hindu concept). The ramanatha swamy temple is constructed by Dravidans., which tell us about Dravidian culture.

rameswarm temple - inside view

rameswarm temple - inside view

The foot prints of lord rama’s was at Ranjharoka temple which is one of the tourist attraction

Rameswaram is also best known for natural beauty. The golden   glittering sands , coconut trees ,palms, dancing tamarinds are make it more attractive,. By visiting here you have an opportunity to buy excellent gift items and souvenirs,

Nearest airport is Madurai, and Rail network between major cites like Chennai, madurai, coimbatoor , trichi etc.