Thiruvannamalai is a place with historic importance. It is about 75 km away from Chennai city . the place is known as ‘mukthi sthalam’ means place of salvation. The saints like gugai namacivayar , ramana maharishi, seshadri swmigal are from here. This is one of the pancha bootha sthalams .in Sanskrit the place is known as sonachalam.

Thiruvannamalai tour places

Sathanur dam

The place provides relaxation and rest . it is about 22 miles away from thiruvannamalai. The dam built across the river pennar .crocodile park, garden, motor launch etc are also attract tourists.

Arunachaleswarar temple

The temple is dedicated to lord siva . it is located at the foot of the hill thiruvannamalai. About 100 temples are seen around thiuruvannamalai, but arunachaleswarar temple is the chief one.

Senchikkottai –gingee fort

It is about 150 km away from Chennai .the fort constructed by cholas in 9 th century. This fortified city has been built on seven hills , the important among them are krishnagiri, rajagiri, chandragiri etc. rajagiri enclosed massive granite walls pierced with gates and towers . it covers an are of 12 sq km.


The temple is dedicated to lord thrivikrama and it is at the banks of river pennar. This is a temple with beautiful carvings. The temple tower is one of the tallest in south India. The main attraction is gnananandagiri’s tapovanam .


It is located on the banks of river varadha nadhi .the temple here is dedicated to sembian mahadevi the chola queen .

In thiruvannamalai you can stay in modern café  At sathnur dam PWD cottages are also available.