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Vellore is about 140 km away from Chennai. Once it was the capital of  vijayanagar rulers , now a busy town .number of tour places in and around vellore. one could stay here very comfortably and watch the places. Generally the climate is hot day with cool nights. Vellore is well connected to neighboring cities by road and rail. The nearest airport is Chennai.

Vellore fort

It was constructed during vijayanager rulers . in 16 th century . it was constructed by china bomminayaka .later it was in the hand of muthraza ali. Finally it was under the control of tipu sultan. Different public buildings , offices , police training centre ,and jail are functioning inside the fort.

CMC hospital

Cmc is a Christian medical  college having the capacity to accommodate 1000 patients at a time. CMC vellore is world wide popular. Patients from different countries such as srilanka, Malaysia , and middle east come here for better treatment. The foundation stone laid by an American missionary in 1900 . CMC functioning with the help of charity organizations and churches all over the world.

Jalakanteswara temple

The temple is dedicated to lord siva . it was built in 1566 .the temple reflects vijayanagar architecture .the carvings of this temple attracts thousands of visitors. Now it is under the control or archiology   department of India. And it is preserved as a museum in 1981 .




It is an ancient siva temple . this place was once the capital of banas , the temple constructed by them.

Dr . vainu bappu observatory

The biggest telescope in asia can be seen in this observatory. The telescope measures 2.34 meter . one can get a clear view of sky bodies from here. The Indian institute of astrophysics founded by Dr vainu bappu . he also discovered a comet namely bappu boll new kirk .you can see a beautiful garden in front of this observatory.


This place have number hills . mainly four temples can be seen here, two on plains and two on hills .it is also known as gadikachalam.


It is located west of vellore .it is commonly called ‘poor man’s ooty’. The climate , sceneries are resemble to ooty. This is an idle place for trekking.


It is 10 km north of vellore . two jain temple are situated at the top of the hill.


It is about 25 km away from vellore. this is a hilly region. The temples here are dedicated to lord muruga.


It is about 15 km away from vellore . the temple here is dedicated to lord muruga.