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The Thenmala tourism development co operative society established in 1998 , has become the backbone of  thenmala ecotourism project.  The society has been working on a green motto  , that promote  ecotourism development  and nature conservation.  The project utilizes the knowledge and manpower of local people,  there by  better living environment  and new life style for the surrounding peoples.

Under the guidance of  co operative society , eco tourism in Thenmala is still growing.  The project aims  the conservation of Shendhurini wildlife sanctuary  and improvement in the living standard of  local population.

Both domestic and international tourists are frequently visiting here and this haunt destination offers  lake boating, trekking, rope bridge, musical fountain, cycling etc.

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Ochira is a small town , located 32 km north of kollam district in kerala.  Because of ochira temple, it is considered as one of the sacred place in kerala. PARABRAHMA temple situated at ochira, is an ancient pilgrimage centre in kerala. The ochira temple is dedicated to parabrahaman , and it covers an area of 32 acres.  Exactly ochira is on the border of  allappuzha and kollam districts.


Panthrandu vilakku and ochira kali are the two major annual festivals . The ochira kali is held on the first two days of  Midhunam  (in Malayalam calendar )  , or middle of june (English calendar). Panthrandu vilakku or twelve lamp festival is held in the months of November and December.

The prime attraction of ochira kali is “padanilam fight ” which means battle field. In this art form men form small groups and enact a mock fight between themselves on the padanilam.

In ochira temple the deities are placed under a huge banyan tree , there is no sanctorum.

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Sasthankotta is a major pilgrim spot located in kollam district, in kerala. Sasthonkotta popular among hindu pilgrim because an ancient  Ayyappa temple situated here. The town itself known by the name of temple .

Another attraction of sasthankotta is a fresh water lake.  It is popularly call it as “ the queen of lake”.

Sasthankotta is about 29 km away from kollam town. The nearest railway station is at kollam .  The nearest airport is Trivandrom international airport , about 70 km away.  Bus service are frequently available from kollam town.  Tourism department offers accommodation facilities .




Area: 2490 sq km


Headquarters :kollam

Tourist season : august to april

Kollam , a district in kerala rich in ancient monuments , historic temples, and picnic spot. Number of pilgrimage centres are associated with kollam. The famous  temple Ochira is located in kollam .the annual festival Ochira mahotsav is world famous. An  eco tourism project ‘thenmala’  is also seen here. The main plantations here are rubber and tea. Kollam is connected by rail and road with all most all major cities . the nearest airport is trivandrum international airport about 70 km away.


Ochira is located about 3 km north of kollam.  The famous ‘parabrhma temple’ is located here ,where the famous ochira mahotsav take place. .this is a pilgrim centre for hindu’s.  the main festivals here are ‘ochira kali and panthrandu vilakku’ . these are held in june.  The panhtrandu vilakku which means twelve lamps , is a festival last for 12 days.


Thenmala is a picnic spot with plenty of rubber plantations and tea plantations. The place is selected for eco tourism project. Thenmala dam is also located here.

Palaruvi waterfalls

Palaruvi is located about 75 km away from kollam. The word meaning of palaruvi is ‘milkfalls’ . this is  a beautiful waterfalls , and this falls have a height of 300 ft.



Kollam tour places

Sri mahaganapathi temple

The temple is located at kottakara. The temple is dedicated to lord ganapathi .the annual festival known as kodiyattam .


The place is situated about 10 km away from kollam. Mayyanad is land of temples. The temples are dedicated to lord subrahmanya,


Thangasseri is one of the ancient Portuguese settlements in India. This fort have a height of 144 ft.


This is famous pilgrim spot. It is about 30 km from kollam. The sastha temple dedicated to lord ayyappa is situated here. The famous fresh water lake sasthankotta lake is located here.

Jatayu para

This is a rock formation .the mythology says that the ‘jatayu’ ( a hindu concept) is seated here.

Thirumullavaram beach

This beach is famous picnic spot . numerous palm trees are seen here.

Picnic village

Picnic village is located in Ashramam in kollam . this is famous backwater in kerala.


This is a famous pilgrimage centre in kollam. The temple is dedicated to lord ayyappa..the major festivals are mandala pooja, and trikalyanam.


The place is located about 64 km away from kollam . here you can see a temple dedicated to lord ayyppa. The annual festival known as ‘vishnu mahotsav’.