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Kallai bridge is the one of the prime attraction in kozhikode district in kerala. This bridge is made up of steel . it was built by the British government during their ruling time.  Once it was a major timber trading centre in kerala



Koombra is a small hilly hamlet in southern part of kozhikode district, lying in the midst of picturesque western ghats and the evergreen rain forests. Shghandini an NGO has arranged farmhouses in the Koombra village as homestays for benefit of visitors. The district tourism promotion council is also a stake holder of this project  which has been supported by NABARD .




Area :2346 sq km

Population: 2878297

Headquarters: kozhikode

Tourist season :September to april

Kozhikode also known as calicut. The city gains historic importance  the famous historic person Vas Co da Gamma landed in kozhikode at kappad beach. Kozhikode is bounded by kannur on the north, wayanad on the east , Arabian sea on the west.

The famous rivers flowing through kozhikode are mahe river, kutttiady river, korapuzha river. Kallai river, kadalundi river, chaliyar river. The nature gifted  beautiful places in kozhikode. The art gallery kozhikode have a good collection of art’s. the national institute of technology NIT is located in kozhikode. The kappad beach offers the facility for boating . the  kozhikode planetarium is very much popular. Kozhikode is excellent for beach tourism. The beach resorts of the districts are favorite  for both local and foreign visitors .the city is best known for temples.

Malabar mahotsavm is the grand festival in is held during January. Another festival I sivarathri . it occurs in February.

The nearest airport is at karippur about 23 km away from kozhikode city. The nearest railway station is at kozhikode itself.



Kozhikode tour places

Pazhassi raja museum and art gallery

The museum is about  5 km from kozhikode . the museum holds the ancient murals , bronzes , coins, et. the famous raja ravi varma paintings can also seen.


Kallai is a bridge built by brittish company.

Krishnamenon museum

The museum holds the painting of raja ravi varma.


This place is about 16 km away from kozhikode. The famous historic person vasco da gamma landed here in 1498 .

Kozhikode beach

This beach is idle for watching sun set and sun rise.


The place is about 10 km away from kozhikode. Beypore is one of the important harbor in kerala. This place is famous for the construction of ‘uru’ a small ship.

Dolphin’s point

Here you can see the human’s friend dolphin’s playing in sea. The beach is 2 km away from kozhikode.


The famous maccunthi mosque is located here. this is one of the oldest mosque in kerala.


It is about 45 km from kozhikode, kakkayam is a beautiful dam covered by greenish landscape.


This is a huge rock formation.


It is about 50 km from kozhikode . the main plantations here are rubber , pepper etc. the word meaning of tusharagiri is snowy peak.