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When we hear the name kottakkal first  we thought about “ kottakkal arya vaidyasala”.  It is an ancient institution of Ayurveda medicine.  It is located at Malappuram district  .  Malappuram is best known among foreign tourists , because of kottakkal  arya vaidyasala . it has branches all over kerala  and in Chennai & Delhi.  It runs a research centre based on ayurveda medicine.  It offers excellent accommodation facilities , so need not worry about your care.

Another attraction  is a  Medicinal Garden. , which includes different medicinal plants , such as Rakthachandanam,  Neermauthu,  Rudraksham  etc.

It is located 12 km south west of malappuram town.



Malappuram-malappuram festivals

Area : 3550 sq km

Population: 3629645

Headquarters: malappuram

Tourist season: September to april

Malappuram district is bounded by kozhikode district on the north . nilgiris on the east , Arabian sea on the west and thrissur and palakkad district on the south.

Malappuram the district of kerala with historic and archeological importance places .numerous  temples and mosques can be seen here .malappuram have a traditional system of treatment with medicinal plants. The picturesque hills, and beautiful birds . traditional festival and costumes are particular for this district.

The nearest airport is at karippur international airport located in  kozhikode. It is about 35 km away.. the nearest railway station is at kozhikode.

Malappuram festivals

Nilambur pattu

The annal festiva is celebrated with great energy in February


This is an annual festival for hindu’s . it held during march and april. Thousands of devotees are take part in this festival. The peoples are take part in this festival with high energy.


This is a muslim festival , held in mosques at malappuram . it held during february



Malappuram tour package


Theis is a beautiful landscape with teak plantations.nilambur teak is very famous . The place have a tribal variety known by name ‘cholanaickans’

Kadaludi bird sanctuary

The sanctuarty located on the banks of river kadundipuzha. The sanctuary holds about 100 species of birds.

Padinharekara beach

This is the place where rivers bharathapuzha and tirurpzha joins and flow into the Arabian sea.


This is a pilgrimage center for muslims . it is located in A R nagar village .

The vallikunnu beach

The vallikunnu beach is very beautiful. Enormous coconut plants are seen here.


It is about 30 km away from malappuram. Here you can see a temple dedicated to goddess bhagavathi


This is a beautiful waterfall located in kurmbalangode village


Kottapadi is famous ayurvedic treatments. The famous siva temple known by Vettakkourmakan temple is located here.

Biyyam kayal

The place is located at ponnani. Beautiful water spots are seen here.


The place is about 8 km away form tirur. It located on the banks of river bharathapuzha.teh annual festival known as mamankam..


This is a greenish mountain with variety of shrubs and herbs.



Malappuram tour places


Tanur is a fishing town . it is believed that St francis Xavier visited here on 1546. the famous temple keraladeshapuram temple is situated here. The temple is dedicated to lord Vishnu.


Tirur is located about 25 km west of malappuram. Tirur the birthplace of ‘thuchath ezhuthachan’. He known as the father of Malayalam language.

Pazhayangadi mosque

The mosque is located at kondotti about 18 km away from manjeri. This is an important pilgrimage centre for muslims. The annual festival known by name valia nercha held in February. The fest last for 3 days.

Thali temple

It is about 20 km from malappuram city . the temple is dedicated to goddess durga. The annual festival known as pooram.


Kottakkal is famous for ayurvedic treatment. The world famous kottakkal arya vidyasala is located here.

Thirumandhamkunnu temple

The temple located at angadipuram. The temple is dedicated to goddess durga. The annual festival held during march . the festival known by name pooram.