Godavari tour places-kolleru lake-rajahmudry-draksharamam-badrachalam


Godavari tour places

Godavari district

This beautiful district get its name from the river godavari , which flows thorough many regions of the state . the river is originate from western ghats. The district has a number of places to visit.

Kolleru lake

The waters from the kolleru lake is used for drinking requirements of this region .numerous fascinating birds are seen here. This exotic flock of birds in  a picturesque environ is obviously greeted by flocks and flocks of visitors.  The lake is mentioned in the writings of the world famous Bernier.

Laknavaram lake

This lake is contemporary to the ramappa lake .this lake is made beautiful by short bunds, this is an artificial lake which looks like natural like the ramappa lake .

Pakahal lake

Pakahal lake covers  about 12 sq miles. The lake is surrounded by picturesque landscape. The lake is suffused with fish .otters , and alligators.


This is a historic place with religious importance . this place is situated on the banks of river godavari. A temple dedicated to lord markandeaya are seen here .rajamundry is also famous for manufacture of sandal wood articles.


This is a  sacred place located 40 km away from rajahumundry. The temple here is dedicated to lord siva. The temple constructed in chalukyas architecture , and it consists of beautiful carvings and sculpturing. This place is also known by name ‘Dakshina Kasi’ or Southern Banares


It is about 160 km from rajahnundry. This is a place with prehistoric and historic references. The famous temple here is sri seethe Ramachandraswamy temple , it is located on the banks of river godavari.