ooty botanical garden


Marquis laid out ooty botanical garden in 1847. the botanical garden was built by  john sulivan. it covers an area of 55 acres .here you can see the rare species of trees, herbs, flowering plants etc. the tree species includes paper bark tree, monkey puzzle tree, fossle tree etc . ooty flower show is held in every year in the month of may , in this flower show exhibits rare species of plants and flowers. the garden is under the control of horticulture department of tamil nadu.  the summer festivals held in may, attracts thousands of tourists.
the ooty botanical garden is divided into 5 regions. these are lower garden, new garden, conservatory, italian garden, nurseries, fossil tree trunk etc. the entrance to the garden is through lower garden and it leads to new garden. the entrace of the garden made beautiful by kidiyu grasses. the new  garden have crescent shaped pond, rose garden, flower beds, aquatic plants etc. the italian garden comprise of lily pond,aquatic species etc.