SHIMOGA- KARNATAKA DISTRICT-Badravathi – Ikkeri-Sagar-Jog falls

shimoga tourist map

shimoga tourist map

SHIMOGA is a district of Karnataka covers an area of 8000 sq . km . it has a population of 14, 52 ,000 . it is situated at  the banks of river Tungabadra. This place is  very famous during Keladi Nayakas days. Shimoga has a very attractive landscape, and having historic monuments.


It is about 250 km from bangalore, it is a industrial town known as ‘Benkipura’.here you can see an ancient temple dedicated to lord Lashiminarayana. This temple have rich architectural workmanship was constructed by Hoysalas . The beautiful river Bhadra flows through this city.


It is about 245 km away from Bangalore. Aghoreswara Temple situated here . Two more ancient temples known as Rameswara and Veerabadra temples also seen here.


It is about 300 km from Mysore. The sandalwood and ivory industries which produce fascinating articles earn fame to this city. Purchases will also be made here


This enthralling water falls at an altitude of 1500ft above sea level. The reverberating waters of the beautiful river Sharavathi which takes it birth at Ambuthirtha thunder down giving rise to this vociferous waterfalls, at a height of 250 m .Jog falls situated about 80 km from Shimoga and 370 km from Bangalore. Food and accommodation provided by the tourism department.

jog falls

jog falls