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The Tajmahal

The tajmahal is known as ‘crown of palaces’, it is located in Agra in India.  It was built by Shah jahan in memory of his wife  Mumtaz mahal .  Tajmahal reflects mughal architecture . Since 1983 tajmahal is a world heritage site.

Tajmahal history

Tajmahal is a symbol of love ,  the love story begins in 1612 , when the fifth mughal emperor Shah jahan married , Arjmand Bano (Persian princes) , who later known by the popular name Mumtaz Mahal . The queen mumtaz mahal followed  shah  jahan on his journeys as an advisor and as a friend . The great emperor got  inspiration from his wife , to perform charity and benevolence through out his life.

After giving birth to their  14 th child , an inseperable   friend of Shah Jahan passed away in 1631 .  That was a shock to the great emperor.  The history said that , after the queen’s death , Shah Jahan  became an old man , the color of his hair and beard had turned white.  He decided to built a monument for his wife , that  the world had never seen.

The dead body of  Mutamz mahal buried  in Agra on the banks of  Yamuna river.  The  works for Tajmahal started in  1631 . Group of architects , stonecutters, masons, carvers, inlayers , dome builders , painters  and other artisans assembled from all over the world .  Ustad Isa , a Persian architect selected as a chief architect . how ever the main dome was designed by Ismail khan .  The gold work was completed by Qazim khan, Chiranjal was the chief sculpturist , The chief calligrapher was  Amant khan, from Persia.  The supervisor was Muhammad Hanif . About 20, 000 labourers was continuously worked for 22 years to complete Tajmahal. . For the construction , the high quality marbles was collected from Markana near Jodhpur.

Interior design of Tajmahal

The interior of  Tajmahal comprises a central chamber and four octagonal corner rooms. The interior works were did in precious and semiprecious stones.  The inner chamber has 8 entrances .  The interior walls are about 25 m height and ceiling over them.  Eighth pishtaq arches are located at the ground level.  The windows are designed with marbles call it as  Jali.  The graves  of Shah jahan and Mumtaz mahal are laid in simple crypts .  The bodies of Shah jahan and mumtamz mahal was placed in the inner chamber , facing towards the direction of Mecca.  The cenotaph of Mumtaz mahal  is placed exactly at the centre of the inner chamber .

Tajmahal location

Tajmahal is located in Agra, the third biggest city in north India.  It is a part of Uttar Pradesh state and it is on the banks of river Yamuana.  It lies between 78.02 degree E and 27.18  degree N . it is at an elevation of 171/561 ft. The city is surrounded by Mathura , Firozabad, Fatehabad , and Bharatpur .  Tajmahal is very near to Shah Jahan park, it can be easy accessed by roads. Auto rickshaws and prepaid taxies are available every where in the city.  The famous hotel Mughal Sheraton is  few meters away .

In and around Agra

The prime attraction in Agra is Tajmahal. Another beautiful structure is Agra fort.  Fatehpur Sikri is about 22 km away from Agra.  Itmad – Ud – Daulah’s tomb nick named as Baby taj. It is located on the left bank of river Yamuna.  Akbar’s Tomb is located on the Delhi –Agra highway.  Mankameshwar temple is about 2.5 km away from Tajmahal.

Tajmahal is dieing

Due to the environmental pollution , the beauty of tajmahal is vanishing day to day.  The main problems being faced are toxins from industries and excess no. of tourists  .  Due to this pollution the white marbles turning to yellow. About 2 to 4 million tourists are visiting tajmahal every year.  Mathura oil  refinery is only 25 miles away from  Taj. The toxins from there are badly affecting Tajmahal.

How to reach Tajmahal


Agra airport is about 6 km away from agra city. Delhi – Agra daily flights are available.


Agra city is well connected Delhi by  Rail network.  The railway stations are Agra cantt railway station., Agra fort. station, Raja ki mundi  station


Agra city is well connected to neighbouring cities …

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