Tour places around vellore-Dr vainu bappu observatory-sholingar



It is an ancient siva temple . this place was once the capital of banas , the temple constructed by them.

Dr . vainu bappu observatory

The biggest telescope in asia can be seen in this observatory. The telescope measures 2.34 meter . one can get a clear view of sky bodies from here. The Indian institute of astrophysics founded by Dr vainu bappu . he also discovered a comet namely bappu boll new kirk .you can see a beautiful garden in front of this observatory.


This place have number hills . mainly four temples can be seen here, two on plains and two on hills .it is also known as gadikachalam.


It is located west of vellore .it is commonly called ‘poor man’s ooty’. The climate , sceneries are resemble to ooty. This is an idle place for trekking.


It is 10 km north of vellore . two jain temple are situated at the top of the hill.


It is about 25 km away from vellore. this is a hilly region. The temples here are dedicated to lord muruga.


It is about 15 km away from vellore . the temple here is dedicated to lord muruga.